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Grounded In Creativity, Driven By Strategy

Empowering women (and some men) to master their message, package their expertise, and expand their communication skills to live, work and lead with confidence.

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Helping you communicate in any scenario

Nicole Williams Collective is a boutique communications and events company created to help women communicate, live and lead with confidence. We offer a portfolio of personal development materials, consult on marketing strategies, communication best practices, event logistics and aspects of your professional and personal image.

Know that if you need help effectively getting your thoughts across, making your words well said, and breaking through performance barriers. You’re in the right place!

Career and brand packaging


The Problem: Women often find themselves with a set of challenges and circumstances that make realizing their personal and professional ambitions difficult.

The Solution: NWC is here to empower women and youth with candid, practical and empowering coaching, content and resources to confidently expand their communication skills, emotional intelligence and brand mastery to live, work and lead at their full potential.

Bet On Yourself #book

Grab a Copy of My Book

Filled with anecdotes, life lessons, practical advice and commentary on all things self-discovery. The reader will walk away with personal and professional development tips: from identifying their “WHY”, defining their version of success, setting SMART goals, plot a plan and understand how to build a personal brand for career success. Bet On Yourself: Life Lessons To Cultivate And Create Your Own Success, is intended to deliver confidence by the truckload so young women can aspire beyond their current limitations.