There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you.
— Maya Angelou

Nicole Williams Collective, LLC., is a next-generation communications and event planning agency, helping professional women and entrepreneurs thrive at work, build authentic brands and a life styled for impact by providing strategy, creative content and storytelling. We tell your stories through strong writing, compelling visuals, and savvy marketing communication strategies. We create PR and communication solutions for brands and clients, by honing what comes naturally to you (passion, talent, energy) to drive value and brand culture to shape human experiences.

Our Philosophy: Storytelling coupled with marketing strategies that provide unique solutions that speak to brand essence and encourages metrics-aligned success. 

Mission: NWC exist to help others articulate and effectively communicate their value by providing the tools and support they need to thrive and redefine their futures.


Nicole Melissa W. CEO of Nicole Williams Collective

my name is…

Nicole Melissa W. and my clients call me the Chief Confidence Officer!

I’m a Communications Consultant, storyteller, lifestyle maven and social entrepreneur running a for profit enterprise. As the owner of Nicole Williams Collective, LLC., and Creator of the Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge, I’m determined to help other women realize their dreams, articulate their value and how to communicate it effectively.

With a passion for women empowerment and entrepreneurship, I’ve authored a self-development book for women: Bet On Yourself (Life lessons to cultivate and create your on success), hosts a weekly podcast show entitled The Open Conversations Podcast and creates beautiful event experiences for women through my event and wedding planning division. I’m a member of the New York Women Chamber of Commerce and Speaker who’s been featured nationally by GoBanking Rates, HuffPost, SCORE, Wedding Planner Magazine, SheKnows, Female Entrepreneur Association, Upfluence, Empower Magazine, and more.

With two degrees in Communications and Fashion Marketing, I’m on a mission to help women know their value, uncover their purpose, follow their passion, and live their best life. My motto is, “Build your brand so you can negotiate your own terms, set your own rules, and do the work you feel passionate about.” When I manage to escape from behind my computer screen, I’m usually hanging with my two daughters and the bae.

I tweet from @NicoleWPR. I’m available to answer your questions or speak at your next event.


But Confidence Requires The Right Toolkit!

Great communicators—like great athletes—work at greatness. No matter how great YOU and your product or service are, how successful you are and how much you accomplish, it will go unnoticed unless you have a clear communications strategy.

My Commitment to Creating Impact

NWC inspires change by giving back to various charities embodying positive mental health, and diversity and inclusion ideals which extend beyond borders, languages and/or differences. For every sale of an NWC or FFIRL product, $1 - $5 is donated throughout the global community. LEARN MORE