Creative Director, Brand + Communication Strategy Consultant


Nicole Williams Collective is a boutique communications agency based in Brooklyn, New York. I partner with passionate and fabulously fearless women [and some cool dudes] craft intentional personal brand experiences that clarify and effectively communicate their best qualities.



If you are seeking one of the below results, we are here to help you:

  • Garner press awareness and editorial placements.
  • Position yourself as a Key Person of Influence (KPI).
  • Convey your personal brand and business more effectively.
  • Plan beautiful and memorable weddings & events.
  • Or simply, your words well said.



Lifestyle blogger and communications catalyst by day, student by night, and mother 24/7. Nicole is a passionate and innovative event planner, always eager to learn new skills to expand her horizons. Nicole is a communication strategy pro who loves helping people convey their business and personal brands in a clear, compelling and logical order.

Nicole M. Williams

Her degree in Fashion Marketing and years of entrepreneurial experience provided her with a complex understanding of the KPI (Key People of Influence) Method. She calls upon it quite frequently. For over a decade, Nicole worked in a freelance and consulting capacity helping clients develop strategies and tactics to help them effectively convey their ideas, elevate their personal brands, and build better relationships to grow their influence and attract opportunities. As a scholar who values education, Nicole has returned to earn a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Visual & Media Studies.

Today, Nicole is the Director of Strategy and Digital Marketing for Nicole Williams Collective. She stays on top of the hottest media and lifestyle trends, and interacts on social media. She maintains an active blog--Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge, collaborating with national brands including Pinnacle Vodka, Target, Olay, Johnson & Johnson, Intuit QuickBooks, Mazda, Hornitos Tequila, and Vera Moore Cosmetics. Besides creating content for brands, she enjoys spending time with her two beautiful girls and the bae.

Nicole is also a contributor for HuffPost, Empower Magazine, and host The Open Conversations podcast. She enjoys her part time work at a local shipping company, where she serves as Business Manager and a liaison to Strategic Communication. Nicole also enjoys helping young women learn to craft their value proposition more effectively.

Nicole enjoys writing and speaking, and has been featured in publications such as Female Entrepreneurs Association, HuffPost, ABC’s Wedding Planner Magazine, Ebony, SHE Caribbean Magazine and SheKnows. She has advised as an expert in numerous entrepreneurial panels, has been asked to interview, commentate or speak at multiple schools and industry events including New York Fashion Week, Institute of Fashion Industries High, SheKnows Expert, as well as an influencer for SheSpeaks and BlogHer.