Company Overview:

Nicole Williams Collective, LLC is a strategic communications and event planning company in the Atlanta area. We provide professionals, small business owners, and the new grad with practical and relevant solutions rooted in helping them leverage their skills, experiences, and opportunities. We offer experienced Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Management, Event Planning & Management solutions that educate, build relationships, extend reach and increase visibility.

From students to executives and business owners, NWC provides personalized, one-on-one experience to ensure services are tailored to specific needs and requirements to improve image, project confidence, and effectively communicate value.

mission, values & vision

DIVERSITY: We seek to end gender & diversity disparities; by providing tools and strategies—to engage, retain, and advance personal brands; and encourage diversity and inclusion.

OPPORTUNITY: We exist to bridge the opportunity gap and level the playing field; by being an advocate for knowing your value and providing access to education and resources—to inspire and empower confident leaders.

COMMUNITY: We are committed to helping women connect and thrive; by providing access to communities and networking opportunities—to strengthen the journey.

The Story

Nicole Palmer Williams here, founder and CEO of Nicole Williams Collective, LLC. I’m glad you found your way here!

My company, Nicole Williams Collective, is a strategic communications firm addressing “diversity and inclusion” and “knowing your value” from across the communications, marketing, and media industries. Before founding NWC, I got my start giving myself a start. Despite being an undocumented Jamaican immigrant, I worked hard and leveraged my value in pursuit of my dreams. 

It can be challenging and downright frustrating chasing your dreams! There are so many hurdles to navigate, from figuring out how to land opportunities and nailing the interview to advocating for self, negotiating properly and projecting confidence. I wanted to change that.

I started NWC to advance the visibility of women and to create a community where women know their value, advocate for themselves, and have the resources to succeed in career and business. The goal is to empower young women to own their narrative and learn to leverage their value to climb the ladder and succeed.

Communications is critical to the success of any career or business. I know this because I built myself from scratch and turned me into a business with the skills I’ve learned over the years. I want to share what I’ve learned with others so that they value communications as a skill set and learn how to take their career to the next level.

NWC offers consulting services for professionals, small business owners and the new grad looking to show up well in person, on paper and equally as well online! Whatever your goal, working hard is only half the battle and Nicole Williams Collective can help you get there!

Tweet me at @NicoleWPR, and I’m available to answer your questions or speak at your next event.

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