If you're a millennial woman looking to create a career you love, you're in the perfect place.

We believe you can be both fulfilled and be profitable doing work you love. Whether it's in a job or in your own business that's aligned with who you truly are — driven by equal parts strategy and creativity.

Nicole Williams Collective, LLC., a marketing communications and professional development agency based in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in helping youth, female professionals and small business owners navigate their careers with confidence. Here we champion marketing communication (MarCom) processes, problem solving is our jam, and our weapon of choice is storytelling.

Nicole Melissa W. CEO of Nicole Williams Collective

Hello my name is

Nicole Melissa W. and my clients call me the Chief Confidence Officer!

I'm not just another marketer. I am a forward-thinking career, business and leadership coach who prides herself on being part of a change-mechanism that ignites passion, infuses purpose, and inspires excellence. Over the last ten years I have worked with students, entrepreneurs, consultants, educators, consultants, financial service providers, creatives, doctors, coaches, and so many more. With a tailor-made strategy and resources, we push you past your boundaries, and develop a game plan to get you on the path to personal and professional success – with confidence.

Skills + Strategy + Creativity = Success

My Story

Nicole Williams of Nicole Williams Collective LLC

As an immigrant, a minority and a woman, I am constantly reminded there is an opportunity gap. Despite the tremendous impact of a diverse and inclusive workforce, most women and youth struggle to truly attract and connect with top opportunities. Because, while talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. And as we know, women often get less career support and funding, making it harder for them to thrive. So, I was inspired to use my passion for MarCom processes, problem solving and storytelling to position a new diverse pipeline of talent to increase attractiveness for top opportunities.

When I started Nicole Williams Collective, I was hopeful that we would inspire women to erase the limits and challenge the status quo of what it means to be woman. Embodying the essence of my core message, I'm living proof that "confidence is a superpower." I went from being an immigrant to being a mother, earned two degrees, owner of a business, a WMC SheSource media-experience expert, and a visionary featured in publications like GoBankingRates, SCORE, Huffpost, Sheknows, Female Entrepreneur Association, Empower Magazine, SHE Magazine, ABC’s Wedding Planner Magazine, and more. I take pride in knowing that my work is helping to ultimately strengthen communities, one female at a time.


My Motto is...



So you can negotiate your own terms, set your own rules, and do the work you feel passionate about. That’s why I help ambitious women and youth identify and express their value with confidence. It’s not as hard as you think. Productizing my value through my blog -- Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge, has afforded me the opportunity to unstuck and elevate myself. And I can help you too!

Inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life.

Inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life, inside out.

My Mission

Is to help women succeed unlocking the brand clarity to navigate their careers with confidence. We want to help women and youth achieve career success and do what they love. And in a visual world where your audience size seems to be all the rave, popularity doesn't mean much if passion and leadership are NOT in the equation. The focus should then be what you have to offer— real VALUE on PURPOSE.

Women are told to dream Big…but with limits. To succeed…but in moderation.

I know what it means to be woman—ambitious, resourceful, and resilient. Three qualities among others, that define every woman I have known or met. However, being a woman also means fewer opportunities and frequently no access, essentially making us — 51% of the population, a minority.

But, equity requires the right toolkit!

It is proven that diverse talent increases productivity and competitive advantages. The reality is the gender gap is the only difference between women and men as reflected in intellectual and economic attainments.

I'm not going to sell you, but when our clients emerge from a session with us, they emerge with new found clarity and confidence, and the best part is they have a clear game plan on how to communicate and position their "awesome sauce" (a.k.a value). This can be your reality…and we’re going to walk you through step-by-step and show you how.

I tweet from @LabelsByNicole.

I'm available to answer your questions or speak at your next event.

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