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My Name Is...

Nicole Melissa Williams

The founder and CEO of Nicole Williams Collective, LLC., —a forward-thinking lifestyle communications & events agency based in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in providing accessible career and professional development hacks to diverse women [and youth] articulate, brand, and bring their ideas to life--with confidence.

I’m not just another marketer. I am a communications strategist and a career + business coach. Over the last ten years I have worked with students, entrepreneurs, consultants, educators, consultants, financial service providers, creatives, doctors, coaches, and so many more.

My Story

Nicole Williams of Nicole Williams Collective LLC

Is probably no different from yours. I wanted success on my own terms: career success, financial freedom, and a fulfilled life. I was taught the way to get that was to work hard, earn a degree, get a good job, then have a family.

But I knew this way wasn’t for me. Yes, I wanted an awesome career. To have a family. And to have success without stifling my purpose. 

So, I paved my own path: I went from being an immigrant to being a mother, earned two degrees, owner of a business, and a visionary featured in publications like GoBankingRates, Huffpost, Sheknows, Female Entrepreneur Association, Empower Magazine, SHE Magazine, ABC’s Wedding Planner Magazine, and more.


My Motto is...



So you can negotiate your own terms, set your own rules, and do the work you feel passionate about. That’s why I help college grads, professionals, and entrepreneurs create and leverage their own personal brands to elevate their career and scale their business to create impact. It’s not as hard as you think. My first product, Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge, is the culmination of my passions, and has afforded me many  privileges.

Inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life.

Inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life, inside out.

My Mission

Is to help women succeed personally and professionally by understanding who they are, their value, and most importantly, how to confidently sell themselves. I run my own business, pick up my mini-me from school everyday, and attend every school activity. If you’ve been to any of my speaking engagements, chances are, my mini-me was there. While I don’t believe in work life balance, I do believe you don’t have to choose between family and career.

Women are told to dream Big…but with limits. To succeed…but in moderation.

I know what it means to be woman—ambitious, resourceful, and resilient. Three qualities among others, that define every woman I have known or met. However, being a woman also means fewer opportunities and frequently no access, essentially making us—51% of the population, a minority.

But, equity requires the right toolkit!

The reality is the gender gap is the only difference between women and men as reflected in intellectual and economic attainments.

the facts

I was inspired to use my passion for marketing and communications so that women and girls around the world could erase the limits and challenge the status quo of what it means to be woman. I believe in removing the barriers so insecurities can drop and confidence can flourish.

At NWC we optimize value.

I'm not going to sell you, but if you follow the steps, you have the ability to level up. I'm all in with confidence that my programs, strategies, content, and event experiences will help you, and here's what you will get out of it:

The benefits to working with NWC.

Imagine how much time and energy you would save, and the best part is feeling confident with strategy. It can be your reality… and we’re going to walk you through step-by-step and show you how.

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I'm available to answer your questions or speak at your next event.

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