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Our coaching is influenced by our hands-on experience, formal education, and authentic enthusiasm, which produces self-awareness and clarity, and emotional, business and cultural intelligence to produce sustainable high-performance.

Success is just a few steps away.

I work with individuals and organizations on how to embrace their authentic essence to develop high-performance mindsets, behaviors, habits, communication soft skills and cultures to achieve your goals and objectives. 

Guidance you can actually use

One-on-one sessions with Nicole, giving you access to a seasoned business professional, strategist, idea and communications expert who has helped other start businesses and successfully switch careers with her insightful consulting + coaching. Talk through your ideas and get thoughtful direction in the following areas:

Digital Marketing Tips

    • Website review + feedback

    • Social media review & strategy

    • LinkedIn review & summary bio

    • Target audience development

    • Storytelling in a digital age

Communications & Public Relations 

    • How to pitch + land publicity 

    • Digital + traditional marketing

    • Building a brand image

    • Brand journalism

    • Creating your pitch deck

Personal Development

    • Communicating your value

    • Finding your passion

    • Identifying your barriers

    • Goal setting + productivity tips

    • Outline networking strategy

Career Development

    • Resumes and cover letters

    • Negotiating your worth

    • Outline career strategies

    • Interviewing for the job

    • Packaging your genius

Blogging & Podcasting

    • Getting started creating content

    • How to monetize your content

    • Creating your content calendar

Event Planning 

    • Contract review 

    • Etiquette questions

    • Timeline review

Book Publishing 

    • Traditional publishing steps 

    • Self publishing process

    • Marketing/promoting your book

Individual & Executive Coaching

After booking either the 'CLARITY' or 'STRATEGY' session, schedule your 1 hour appointment slot here!


Designed to explore, understand and discern the blind spots that have been limiting your opportunities to manifest your desires. This session will help you overcome feeling overwhelmed and give you clear actionable steps to implement and keep you focused on accomplishing your goals.

  • 1 hour via phone or video chat

  • Accountability check-in

  • Revealing your current context

  • Empowering your projects

  • Identifying your priorities

  • Revealing your blindspots

  • Co-generate the next steps forward

$150.00 >> BOOK NOW

STRATEGY: Pursue your passion

Designed to help you uncover individual growth potential and find the pulse of your brand. We tackle the barriers affecting your professional and personal success.

  • 4 1hr private coaching (over 4 wks)

  • Identify your gift (superpower)

  • Identify your uniquely qualified to make an impact

  • Clarify strengths & marketable skills

  • Define SMART goals & objectives

  • Brand positioning and messaging

  • Define go-to-market strategies

  • Optimize your digital assets

    $800>> BOOK NOW

ACTION: Package your genius

Designed to help you package your genius, brand and communicate your authentic story and value.

  • 3 Month private coaching

  • Master a unified message to promote your brand

  • Communicating your value

  • Your unique selling proposition

  • Identify your core essence and share your story

  • Create + optimize your digital assets

  • Master your executive presence

  • Perfect your media pitch

  • Your signature program/product

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