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Just released, BET ON YOURSELF: Life lessons to cultivate and create your own success

It’s time to kick self-doubt to the curb and lean into fear! If you are tired of feeling unsure about who are, your worth, and is ready to step bravely into your purpose, this book is for you! You will gain insights and discover how to unlock your confidence.

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About the Book

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You’ll love this book because it reminds us that when things don’t go as planned, there are lessons to learn even at the lowest points in your life. Bet On Yourself (Life lessons to cultivate and create your own success), is equal parts informative and practical career advice, especially for millennial women. Penned by Jamaican-born Brooklynite and CUNY graduate, who knows how to navigate fear and uncertainty to find her own voice. Best of all Nicole doesn’t shy away from sharing the nitty gritty of her own experiences.

About the Author

As a lifestyle blogger, Certified Bridal Consultant and planner, Communications Strategist at Nicole Williams Collective, and now Author, Nicole Melissa Palmer Williams has seen how women can evolve into greatness when they know their worth and how to ask for it. She has unrivaled insight into the things women struggle with, and will arm you with the confidence you need to push past your fears and take action. By the end of this book, you will gain some invaluable personal and professional development tips, you will learn how to know your worth and how to ask for it. From identifying your why and defining your version of success, setting SMART goals, putting a plan in place to achieve them, and building your personal brand for career success.

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For every sale, $1 - $5 is donated throughout the global community.

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