The Fabulously Fearless IRL™ Grant

Fabulously Fearless IRL™ Grant

The Fabulously Fearless IRL™ Grant is a way to give back to women who just need to get their foot in the door. This grant is for you whether you’re a college student, a single working mom, or an aspiring/new female entrepreneur seeking access to seize opportunities.

The goal is to encourage women to follow their dreams and to support the economic success of women makes it possible for them to leverage their skills, advocate for themselves, and communicate effectively to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our quarterly grant was conceived with this vision in mind, the more women we can support the greater chance for our community to have economic success.

To support our mission with a donation email or donate here:

How It Works:

  1. You are eligible if you’re

    • enrolled in college and need a bit of help with tuition or books

    • a single mom who needs a bit of help with childcare so you can work

    • an aspiring or new entrepreneur in need of help turning your side hustle into a business

  2. Apply below by telling us your story: why we should pick you and how the grant will help make an impact in your life.

  3. We'll pick a Fabulously Fearless IRL™ recipient each quarter to receive up to $500 .

  4. Open to women in the United States.

***There is a standard $20 application fee (paid to that helps in support of the grant, the application process, and administrative management.

***If chosen, in an effort honor the process, you’ll be required to provide certain documentation.

Complete the form below to apply

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