T&T Express Shipping Rebranded

An effective brand is definitely more than its logo. It’s about “words better said” combined with visual elements that work to tell the brand story in a way that engages your audience. A brand is a combination of things that work cohesively to define who you are, what makes you unique, and why people should buy from you.

T&T Express Shipping is a shipping and freight forwarder, providing shipping services to the Caribbean, North America and Florida. Working on T&T Express Shipping’s rebranding was a bit challenging, however I think I managed to pull it off. Their logo, tagline, and key brand element was going to stay in tact, so I started by looking to those to set the tone. The target audience for T&T Express Shipping is primarily people of Caribbean descent or culture, so I looked to inspiration from images that reflect and spoke to their audience, while keeping in mind the service they provide.

I wanted everything to work together to support the brand message and mood we hoped to depict, in order to effectively tell the whole T&T Express Shipping’s story through every touch points, as seen in the before and after view of the website below.