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Public Relations by Nicole Williams Collective

Public Relations & Communications

Pitching isn't only reserved for baseball!

We believe in telling our client's story and creating the buzz their brand needs, to raise awareness and increase exposure. We combine non-traditional and traditional approaches to procure the best possible results.

We bring together varying experiences, which we leverage to effectively get your message out.  We use all facets of media from social media to organic opportunities and synergetic strategies to produce desired results.

Wedding and event planning by Nicole Williams Collective

Event Production & Management

We conceptualize and produce engaging events and experiences that complement your style, leaving an indelible impression on your guests.

Let us as little or all the planning for you.

We can work with your event vendors to coordinate or plan the entire event. 

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Consulting & Coaching

Need advice, guidance and/ or a strategic thinking partner? 

We'll be your strategic thought partner covering your blind spots, while helping you identify your talents, providing support and objective feedback.

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Nicole Williams Collective your creative director

Facilitating & Speaking

We facilitate motivational and transformative workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and coaching sessions for personal and professional development.

We've also partnered with high schools and colleges to help equip students with the relevant tools and info to help bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world.

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Personal styling by Nicole Williams Collective

Personal Styling

We bring to life the best version of yourself. Work with us to sculpt and foster a professional image that is primed to procure the best possible opportunities.

From your wardrobe to your makeup, and the in between.

Sessions are via Zoom, Skype or in person in NYC area.

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Nicole Williams with Cynthia Bailey of #RHWA

Content Creation & Influencer Marketing

Online/Digital marketing has become essential in order to succeed with your marketing. And, the internet its many portals to get your brand, messages, products and services directly to your target audience.

As an influencer myself (who is available for brand partnerships), I can be an asset in the online space.

It’s worthy to note that I am the editor of Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge, a Open Conversations podcast co-host, a speakerand a regular contributor for HuffPost, and Empower Mag.

The Fabulously Fearless initiative

Fabulously Fearless™

The #FabulouslyFearless initiative is committed to promoting women’s economic, leadership, personal and professional growth. Serving as an advocate to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for women [and youths].

Shop the #FabulouslyFearless apparel line for fierce, passionate and fabulously fearless women with a sense of power + agency.



Finding Your Voice

Turning Your Ideas into Income

Developing Your Brand & Brand Message

Creating Beautiful Live Events

Masterminds & Group Coaching Programs

Expanding Your Influence with National Media

Attracting Opportunities & Corporate Sponsors

 Nicole coaching services are custom designed to help purpose-driven women [and men who want best practices] get the clarity, confidence, and expert support to WIN your personal and professional, while creating impact. Whether you feel stuck, want to address a specific issue, or just want strategic advice to figure out what's next, Nicole is focused on inspiring and motivating you to put action behind your dreams.

As a woman in media and working directly with the public, Nicole has experience pushing people past their own self-imposed limitations. She'll be your strategic thought partner, covering your blind spots while helping you identify your talents, providing support and objective feedback.

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