The Purposeful Living Planner™

The Purposeful Living Planner™

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Like me, I know many of you fabulously fearless go-getters struggle with balancing family, career, and life. That's why I designed this 90-day planner and workbook (also available on Amazon)to help you create balance and accomplish goals in order to dominate your life and without disregarding priorities. The planner is intentionally designed as an action-oriented guide, with a layout that is neatly organized to increase your productivity to get things done on a consistent basis. It is a canvas for organizing and living more intentional days, maximizing your daily productivity, and prepping to put your day on auto-pilot. This quarterly goal-setting system and productivity workbook is set up with blank months so that you can start using it any month of any year.


1. Maximize your productivity, minimize procrastination and concentrate on what you do best.⠀

2. Structure your days, reflect and analyze to keep on target for your quarterly goals.



- Me In Review Accountability Tracker

- A Self-Analysis Tracker

- Smart Goals & Understanding Your Whys Guide/Worksheet⠀

- Intentional Daily Scheduler

- Targeted To-Do-List⠀

- Income & Expense Tracker

- Weekly Meal Planner⠀

- Self-care Tracker

- Month-at-a-Glance⠀

- Motivational Quotes

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.4 x 11 inches, Pages: 138

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